I am Valerie Preston from Denver, Colorado. I used to work in the computer industry but after I got married to my wonderful husband, we decided that it would be best if I could stay at home with the children until they were older. Because I have struggled with quitting smoking for about 15 years, I began to research a way for me to stop smoking for my health and my family.

A brief smoking history…..I started smoking when I was 15 and have always loved it. I love the motion, how it gives my hands something to do. I love the relaxation I get while inhaling, and I even enjoy watching the smoke. However, all smokers know how toxic it is for you and my multiple attempts to quit were always unsuccessful. The only time I fully stopped was when I was pregnant, but as soon as I could I went back to smoking.

When I first heard about electronic cigarettes I thought this would be the perfect solution. I had bought from some brand I heard advertised on the radio. It turned out to be a HORRIBLE experience. That led me to researching e-cigarettes. At that time there seemed to be only forums dedicated to experts because the language they were using to talk about the product was completely foreign to me. My objective on this website is to describe e-cigarettes a little less technically. It would have definitely been helpful if I had a nice user-friendly video to help in my search to find an e-cigarette model that works for me. So far, I have now been regular cigarette free for 2 months! I feel great, I smell better, and my kids and husband are thrilled.

Please learn from my expense and my experience,

Valerie Preston,
The E-cigarette lady

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